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Orthotek Ltd

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Q What is the cost of an initial consultation appointment and how long does it take?
A $85 the duration of this appointment is 15 minutes.
Q Do I need a referral form?
A No, a referral form is not expected but it is common. If you have any concerns a self-referral is welcomed.
Q. When a patient is recalled after the initial consult, what is the cost of that appointment?
A. $45 and the appointment will take approximately 15 minutes.
Q. What happens at the initial consultation?
A. Dr Green will discuss the reasons for your visit, complete an orthodontic examination and decide if orthodontic treatment is recommended and the benefits. Following your visit, you will receive a written report as will your dentist and school dental therapist if relevant.
Q. What are records and how long does the appointment take?
A. Records are X-rays, study models and a series of photographs taken of your teeth and face. Records are used to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan. They are also used at each appointment during treatment.
Q. How much does treatment cost?
A. Each treatment is individual and will depend on the severity of the problem and time estimated to complete the treatment.
Q. How long does treatment take?
A. Treatment time can vary from months to years, the average treatment period is 18 to 24 months. Tooth movement produced depends on each individual patient’s response to treatment, and compliance during treatment. Adult treatment does take longer than adolescent treatment.
Q. What payment options are available?
A. Eftpos, cheque, cash and most major credit cards. We provide a payment plan and this can be paid by automatic payment or internet banking. We provide a payment plan for treatment with braces ie: deposit and balance payable over a number of months relative to treatment.
Q. Does the quote cover all the costs for the treatment?
A. Yes. Everything outlined in your treatment plan and everything carried out in Dr Greens’ surgery is covered.
Q. Do you charge interest?
A. No
Q. Do I still need to see my dentist?
A. Yes. Regular check-ups are important. Clean, healthy teeth are essential for your final result and the long term health of your teeth and gums.
Q. Do you have appointments out of school hours?
A. Yes, before and after school adjustment appointments are available, they are the most popular.
Q. Can I come in my lunch hour?
A. We provide adjustments late morning and early afternoon. Our day is structured to provide adjustment appointments at convenient times throughout the day allowing most patients school/work days to have as little interruption as possible.
Our longer appointments are scheduled within school and working hours.